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Dr. Fleeter,

Thank you for the great care you gave my mom. Thank you for your concern for her health. You and your staff were always so kind and helpful to us. Your care was greatly appreciated.

Posted by: Sharon

Dear Ankle + Foot Center,

Last week, I was vacationing in Tampa. While there, I had a painful but minor problem which required medical attention. I requested a referral to a podiatrist in the Tampa area and I was fortunate enough to be referred to the Ankle + Foot Center of Tampa Bay. I was treated by Dr. Stacie Fessette. Dr. Fessette was professional, reassuring, knowledgeable and friendly. She explained the recommended a procedure which involved removing one of the nails on my foot and thoroughly answered all of my questions. I was particularly concerned because I was running a race the day after my return to the Washington Area. Dr. Fessette assured me that I would heal in sufficient time to compete in my race, and she was correct. Her overall demeanor exuded the highest levels of competence and confidence. she is certainly a credit to your practice.??In conclusion, you can imagine how unsettling it is to require medical attention so far from home. Everyone associated with the Ankle + Foot Center of Tampa Bay was courteous and accommodating. Please accept my sincere thanks and appreciation.??

Very truly yours,

Posted by: Edward

Dr. Rivera,

I am very pleased with my results and the overall care I received at the Ankle + Foot Center of Tampa Bay. I am at a job where I stood for very long hours and had very bad chronic heel pain. Since I was casted for orthotics I have experienced a very noticeable difference and decreased pain.

Thank you,

Posted by: Robert

Dear Dr. LaBohn,

Thank you for all your care and kindness. I appreciate all you have done for me. You fixed my left foot and took away that pain, improving my quality of life, and I am so grateful to you.


Posted by: C.B.

Dear South Tampa Office,

Thank you so very much for taking such good care of me. You really took a potentially bad situation (me at my wits end) and made sure I got in to see someone today. Wish other offices could learn from your professionalism and people skills.


Posted by: Janet and Jeff

Dear Dr. Fleeter,

I can’t thank you enough for treating my feet for the heel calluses and the toenail fungus. Your combination of kindness, compassion and expertise has lifted my spirit and eased the pain in my feet. I can now walk without my feet hurting and the nail fungus is getting better due to Nail Stat. A patient that recommended you to me told me she received a thank you letter for the referral and she was quite pleased that you acknowledged her so graciously. You are a rare credit to the medical profession and I can only hope that my granddaughter, a recent graduate pharmacist interning at Sarasota Memorial, can incorporate human kindness into her medical knowledge in order to excel in her field.

Thank you!

Posted by: M.A.

Dr. Blustein,

I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done to relieve the severe pain I was having in my big toe. The surgery placing a Hemi Joint in my big toe was a huge success and I am now able to walk without the pain I endured for several years after my auto accident. You and your staffs compassion during the entrie treatment period is very much appreciated. I’m thankful to my wives reccomendation to you which came based on several of her co-workers being treated by you for various foot problems all with 100% satisfaction. I have had to see many doctors in the past several years for various things but none have provided the expert care and professional treatment that you have. You can bet that I will always recommend you and the Ankle + Foot Center of Tampa Bay to anyone that needs the services that you provide!


Posted by: Richard K

Dear Dr. Rivera,

I am very grateful to you and your staff at the Ankle + Foot Center of Tampa Bay. I came to your office at the suggestion of a friend. The wound on the bottom of my foot was not healing. The infection was spreading and the current treatments were not working. From my very first visit on May 5, 2010 you knew the exact treatment needed, a new procedure using activated collagen. I was kept very encouraged with your positive attitude. You started home healthcare for daily wound dressings, ordered antibiotics, and gave me “walk-in” care in your office whenever I felt the need. By March 14, 2011 my foot wound was completely healed and I was back to exercise class at the YMCA!


Posted by: Helen W.