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This email is a letter of appreciation to Dr. LaBohn. My son had an appointment on Friday the 23rd for an ingrown toenail. He could not say enough nice things about Dr. LaBohn. Which says a lot coming from a 20 year old guy. : ) He said he was very cool doctor and the removal procedure was quick and painless. He has still felt no pain at all. I also wanted to say thank you for an appointment being made for him so quickly. He is going in the military and needed to have the issue taken care of since he will be doing testing for them this week.

Thank you again to everyone involved at the Ankle + Foot Center Zephyrhills location. : )

Posted by: Raena B.

This is a testimonial for Dr. Juan Rivera. Three weeks ago I had fusion of the first metatarsophalangeal joint of my left foot. I had hyper-extended my big toe in the 1970’s and being an avid walker eventually arthritis set into that joint resulting in hallux rigidus. Fast forward some 30-35 years and the joint was covered with bony overgrowth making it difficult to buy shoes that fit and I was walking mostly on the outside of my foot so as not to cause pain in that joint. Dr. Rivera made me feel comfortable and explained everything that would be done. His staff was friendly and helpful. I was ready for surgery as I feel I had put up with this long enough and I just knew it would go well. After the surgical procedure was performed and since then I have had no pain or discomfort. Some itching and maybe a little aching while healing but nothing that taking an ibuprofen or putting an ice pack on wouldn’t relieve. The hardest part of the surgery is not being active and sitting around with the foot elevated but this too shall pass. I want to thank Dr. Rivera for his excellent care and expertise and I would recommend him to any one needing a great podiatrist.

Posted by: Barbara S.

Dear Dr. LaBohn and Staff,

Thank you so much for your expert surgery (on both my feet) and superb care throughout the entire recovery period. You all made a tough time in my life seem so much more bearable.

You’re the best!

Posted by: Jan

Dear Plant City office,

After months of experiencing pain in my left foot, I made an appointment at the Plant City office of the Ankle + Foot Center of Tampa Bay. Dr. Blustein quickly and accurately diagnosed the problem as a Morton’s Neuroma. Because it did not respond to the shots, surgery was recommended. Due to my health insurance plan, I chose to have the procedure performed at South Florida Baptist Hospital. Dr. Creighton examined my foot prior to the surgery and explained exactly what he would do to correct the problem. He spoke in terms I could understand and answered all questions and concerns that I had. He truly put me at ease with his knowledge and confidence in correcting the problem.

I highly recommend the physicians and their staff at the Plant City office of the Ankle + Foot Center of Tampa Bay. Everyone was courteous and knowledgeable in the jobs that they performed. I will definitely keep them as my primary ankle and foot care center, and am already recommending them to family and friends.

Posted by: Sue

Dear Dr. Blustein,

After 11 years of pain and discomfort with my feet, Ankle + Foot Center of Tampa Bay saved the day. Working in retail, I was on my feet constantly and at times the pain was unbearable. No way could I take the time off work that was required with conventional surgery. You used a non-invasive procedure (Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy) and I was back at work in only one week. The pain in my feet is gone and I have you to thank for that.

Thank you,

Posted by: Vicky R

Dr. Auger,

Dr. Auger did a very fine job. He and his staff are #1. It is a pleasure to come here.

Posted by: Willard M.

Dr. Rivera,

This was my first surgery and I want to thank you and your team for a great time.


Posted by: Rick

Dr. Fleeter,

Many thanks for the wonderful care given to my mother yesterday. Not only did her feet stop hurting but she left your office in high spirits due to your kindness.

With much appreciation,

Posted by: Johanna