TeleMedicine Now Available!

What is a TeleVisit?

A TeleVisit is an optional virtual one-on-one office visit through our Healow Patient Portal or Healow App. ‘Virtual’ (Tele) meaning that it takes place over an internet connection through a computer or cell phone. ‘Visit’ meaning that you will see our podiatrist in real time to discuss your health and wellness concerns. Your podiatrist will be able to assess your symptoms and issues and make the necessary recommendations, including prescribing medications and scheduling follow up appointments.

How do TeleVisits Work?

You will need to be web enabled by providing a working email address to our office. Once web enabled, you will be able to use our digital portals to enhance your healthcare experience.  Once you are web enabled, you can schedule a TeleVisit appointment by signing on to our Healow Patient Portal or using the Healow Application.

Why Use TeleVisit?

·       Ease of use

·       Use from home or work

·       Use while traveling

·       Fast visit

·       Save time

·       Save gas

·       Save money



Will I be receiving the same level of care online as I would in the office?

Yes, although you are not physically in our office, you will still receive the same personal attention with a complete history, review of medical records, diagnostic tests, and physical exam. Further diagnostic tests and other orders can be done through Telemedicine, if needed. A strong doctor patient relationship is key to good medical care. This is also true with Telemedicine. At a  Ankle + Foot Center Televisit, you will be talking one on one with our doctors every time to answer all your questions and address your concerns.

Will my insurance cover televisits?

Most insurance companies accept Televisits as valid visits.

Do I need complex equipment to be able to have a Televisit?

All that is needed to have a successful Televisit is good internet connection, a private setting, desktop computer or phone with access to a microphone and camera.

How to schedule a Televisit…What happens next?


Click here to view a How-To- Video

  1. The patient calls Ankle + Foot Center to set up an appointment, giving a valid patient email address, as well as demographics.
  2. An email is sent to the patient containing the Portal link, Username and Password. You can also access the Healow Patient Portal here.
  3. The patient also receives a “New Patient Packet” via email for electronic signature.
  4. The patient reviews, completes, signs and returns paperwork to Ankle + Foot Center where a staff member will verify completion.
  5. Ankle + Foot Center contacts the patient to retrieve information such as MRI reports, x-rays, and MRI films or Cds.
  6. Once all appropriate information has been gathered, the patient is ready for their Televisit.
  7. On the day of the appointment, the patient logs into the portal using their credentials 15 to 20 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment. The doctor will then join the Televisit.
  8. Upon completion, the patient will be given recommendations for further medical treatment and a report of the visit will be generated detailing the doctor’s findings.

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