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A large portion of people only think about seeing a podiatrist when something goes wrong with their feet and they begin to feel pain. Yet, good foot health is essential to enjoying a better quality of life. This makes podiatry a very vital part of preventative medicine, even though much of the public is unaware of this fact.

Why is foot health so important if we want to experience real quality of life? Good foot health matters because it ensures we remain independent and mobile for as long as possible. A loss of foot health can make it difficult or even impossible to leave one’s home and interact with others. Poor mobility stemming from foot problems is not only demoralizing, but it can also result in further health complications due to inactivity.

With conditions such as obesity and diabetes, foot health is more important than ever. The best professional foot care is proactive and preventative, to offer improved health in all areas of life.
We all know the importance of routine car maintenance, but how many of us give much thought to protecting our original mode of transportation? Our feet can carry us thousands of miles every year, yet it takes problems and pain to finally pay attention to what they may be saying.

At Ankle + Foot Center, we want to bring awareness to the importance of regular, preventative foot care. We also want to make it easy. We offer twelve conveniently located clinics throughout Tampa, Florida, as well as online appointment requests. Visit our website for more information.

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