Slips, Trips, and Falls.

Did you know that falls are the #1 cause of injuries and accidental deaths among those who are 65 and older?  This startling fact is unfortunate, and sadly, most of these falls are PREVENTABLE.   

Ankle + Foot Center provides and supports education to help you make small changes that can keep you safe. 

Here are some tips that can help you prevent falls: 

  • Stay active!  Whether you take a long walk around the block or go to a yoga class, exercise helps you keep up your strength and helps you maintain your balance. 
  • Put a rubber backed bathroom rug outside of your bath or shower.  The rubber will keep the rug from bunching up and sliding around.  The rug will soak up water to prevent slipping. 
  • Unclutter walkways in your home.  Arrange furniture in a way that increases the space you need to walk.    Never use towel bars, toilet paper dispensers, purse hooks, or the sink or tub to help you stand up.  Items like these can be slippery and/or pulled out of the wall with the pressure from your body weight.  Know your limits and don’t try to do tasks that you can’t easily complete. 
  • Keep regular appointments your podiatrist, to make sure your feet are healthy and strong. 
  • Injuries to the feet and ankles can cause tearing or stretching of ligaments and tendons as well as broken or fractured bones.  Old injuries can flare up later in life and cause falls, pain, and weakness.  Call Ankle + Foot Center at (813) 472 – 8888 to schedule your appointment. 

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