A+F Donates Over 60 Pairs of Shoes, Braces and Inserts!

on Thursday, 04 April 2013. Posted in News

Brandon Outreach Clinic and the patients we serve are extremely grateful for the generous donation of orthopedic shoes and inserts. Our patients are low income, uninsured individuals who struggle just to obtain basic needs. The donation of the shoes and inserts has made a difference is so many of our patients lives, especially our diabetic patients who suffer from neuropathy in their feet. One of our patients who suffers from neuropathy does not have a car and has to walk everywhere. She had not had a new pair of shoes in over three years. She suffered from constant pain in both her legs and feet. She was thrilled when we fitted her with a new pair of shoes and said it has made a world of difference in how far she can walk. She said it is the first time in many years that she can walk comfortably the 2 miles to pick up her groceries and medications.

- Deborah Meegan
Executive Director, Brandon Outreach Clinic

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A+F Donates X-Ray Equipment to Advocates for World Health for Use in Haiti

on Wednesday, 29 May 2013. Posted in News

Thanks to the generous donation of X-Ray equipment, including 4 heads, 8 processors, and all the proper accessories from the clinics of Ankle and Foot Center, Advocates for World Health was able to help outfit a recently opened medical clinic in Cap-Haitien, Haiti in the beginning of April. The equipment was shipped along with medical surplus donations from hospitals in the greater Tampa Bay area consisting of wound care products of all types, needles and syringes, gloves and drapes, IV supplies, and even Ultrasound and EKG equipment. The country of Haiti, as well as many developing nations in Central America, always have a need for medical aid. We are grateful your donation allowed us to help those people in need.

- Josh Miller
Director of Operations @ Advocates for World Health